ZEWO quality seal

Das Logo der ZEWO

terre des hommes schweiz is certified by the central foundation for charitable organisations, ZEWO. The ZEWO quality seal gives donors confidence.

You can have confidence in this quality seal, as it protects you from abuse. ZEWO awards the quality seal, on the basis of very strict criteria, to those organisations which use donations altruistically and for the declared purpose. This aid is for the benefit of the general public and must not be restricted by any religious or political allegiances.

The conditions are as follows: The governing body (Executive Board) must act on a voluntary basis. The annual accounts, and compliance with ZEWO regulations, must be verified by an independent auditor. Invoices, balance-sheets, activity reports and the auditor’s reports must be submitted to ZEWO and made available for all to see.

Five ZEWO Donation-Tipps

Have you ever wondered how you can make more out of your donations? In this short video (in German language), ZEWO gives five tips on how best to invest your donation.