Steering committee

Chairman of the Board Brigitta Gerber
Brigitta Gerber - President of the Board
Basel, ethnologist and historian

Member of the Board Marianne Gujer
Marianne Gujer
Basel, ethnologist and teacher of Romance languages

Member of the Board Jürg Schönenberger
Jürg Schönenberger
Zürich, typographical designer

Member of the Board Jan Goepfert
Jan Goepfert
Basel, advocate

Sandra Soland
Sandra Soland
Basel, historian

Member of the Board Zeynep Yerdelen
Zeynep Yerdelen
Basel, teacher

Portraitaufnahme von Margo Carlen
Margo Carlen
Basel, finance and project manager

Female placeholder
Anastasia Planta
Witterswil, lawyer and psychologist
Young people from Colombia play football together

Quality and control

The quality of our work and that of our partners is very important to us. We use a range of mechanisms to guarantee it.