terre des hommes schweiz works with numerous national and international partners for a vision of a fairer world. It supports economic, political and social self-determination for people in developing countries and in Switzerland.
Children and young people at the youth event Mfakantini in South Africa in 2011
Jugendlich in Townships stärenk: Kinder und Jugendliche am Youth Event Mfakantini unserer Partnerorganisation Dlalanathi in Südafrika.
Human and children's rights, declared by the United Nations to be indivisible, constitute the frame of reference for the core values of terre des hommes schweiz. Chief among them are:

Human dignity and social justice: People have a right to self-determination, security and protection from exploitation, and also to cultural self-determination.

Tolerance and respect: We must question our own preconceived values and allow others to question them. This engenders a willingness to learn, based on allowing other cultural outlooks to develop freely.

Equality: All people are equal, but being equal does not mean being the same. Equality includes having the option and opportunity to be different and to determine your own lifestyle.

Responsibility: Responsibility means not only taking action but also thinking about the consequences of your action and taking them into account. It includes being willing to share your power, knowledge and experience.

(From the Business Strategy 2010)

Young people from Colombia play football together

Quality and control

The quality of our work and that of our partners is very important to us. We use a range of mechanisms to guarantee it.