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Acute crisis in Colombia

Colombia is in a social, economic and political crisis. A controversial government tax reform has been the straw that broke the camel's back. Our partner organisation Paz y

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Gangs are killing Afro-Colombian youths. The criminals must not go unpunished!

Wave of violence in Colombia

In the shadow of the Corona crisis, a wave of violence is sweeping across Colombia. The region of Valle del Cauca, where terre des hommes schweiz works with young people to prevent violence, is also severely affected. Armed groups are murderously reaffirming their territorial claims there and eliminating political opponents. Only last week, gangs presumably killed five innocent young people. In June, a group of soldiers raped a 12-year-old girl. We demand that justice be done for these crimes and that the criminals do not go unpunished.

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Men with white shirts are sitting at a long conference table.

Civil society demands peace

Yesterday, Colombia elected Ivan Duque as the new president for the term of office from 2018 to 2022. With the election of Duque, the peace process in the country is threatened with final failure. Ten Swiss development and human rights organisations are calling on Ivan Duque's government to continue the peace process it has begun and to work for the security and rights of all Colombian citizens.
Media communiqué of 18.06.2018

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Many people hold red signs with the white inscription

What next? Experts from Colombia share their experiences

Event invitation:
The rejection of the referendum in Colombia has severely shaken legitimate hopes. Although the negotiating parties remain committed to the peace process, the failure of the referendum shows how deep the wounds of war are. How can peace be achieved now after all? The discussion event with Colombian representatives of the peace movement on 1 November in Basel will attempt to find answers to this question.

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Gentlemen with white shirts are sitting at a conference table. A press conference.

Swiss NGOs welcome peace agreement in Colombia

MM - Colombia's government and the FARC guerrillas today reached an agreement on a peace agreement that should put an end to more than 50 years of civil war. The NGOs of the Swiss peace promotion programme "Semillas de Esperanza" welcome the agreement as an important step, but at the same time stress that this is only the beginning.

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A teenager plays the guitar. In the background you can see a city from above.

Young people as actors for peace

At the beginning of September, 300 young people from Colombia will meet for two days. They will work together on three topics: Protection of the rights of young people, contribution of art and culture to peace and militarism. This conference, co-organised by us, is one of many events designed to give new impetus to the peace negotiations in Colombia.

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Buen vivir: Awareness raising in Medellin

Fourteen years ago the youth project imagine was launched. Since then it has grown internationally. Ten years ago the first partner project in Brazil was added. Today, it comprises four youth groups on three continents, who work together to promote more respect and less discrimination.
A brief look at imagine international Colombia by Xenia Jehli, Organizing Committee imagine international.

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Photo of the death threat and Aria Aragon

Assassination attempt on UOAFROC president

On the evening of 8 January 2015, an assassination attempt was made on the president of one of our partner organisations in Colombia. While he was fortunately not injured, the unknown men hit his driver with two shots to the head. The attack came as no surprise, as a member of the board of Unidad de Organizaciones Afrocaucanas (UOAFROC) had previously been appointed as a military target.

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