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King of the coffee bushes

Edith Chinchay and Jhony Llantoy from central Peru have decided to make a living as farmers. With the support of our partner organization CEDEPAS in Pichanaki, they are building first-class

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Young woman from Peru shows her freshly harvested coffee beans.

The power of youth

Today, August 12th, the UNO celebrates youth. Many actions by and with young people take place. The youth and their power change society again and again. The young people are the future. This makes it all the more important to support young people and to ensure that their important concerns are heard.

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A group of young people at a circus performance.

"I can make my dreams come true"

Just over a year ago, the young Peruvian Danny Cruz* stood at a crossroads in his life. He was not on good terms with his father. Life in the poor district of Lima offered him hardly any future prospects. He found support and visions at the organisation Asociaciòn Civil Etnoartes. Today he is working hard and purposefully towards the realization of his dream, a future as a professional circus artist.
Irene Bush, Specialist Centre for Psychosocial Support

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Young people interview other young people with camera and microphone.

"Now we know better what we want to work on"

Those who value their own culture also develop self-esteem. Following this basic idea, partner organisations of terre des hommes switzerland in Peru rely on cultural activities such as dance, theatre or cinema in their work with marginalised young people. Some of them are now looking with creativity and courage for ways to enable the young people to earn an income with their cultural commitments.
Joachim Jung, Programme Coordinator Peru

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Equipped with a camera, the young people of Chaski search for motives and stories in their communities

Offer your hand to build microcinemas in Peru!

We have launched a crowdfunding project for small cinemas in Peru: We would like to raise at least 2500 francs. This money will enable young people to build micro-cinemas in their communities. This enables them to offer affordable entertainment in poor districts and villages, while at the same time promoting social exchange between people and thus strengthening their identity.

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