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Gangs are killing Afro-Colombian youths. The criminals must not go unpunished!

Wave of violence in Colombia

In the shadow of the Corona crisis, a wave of violence is sweeping across Colombia. The region of Valle del Cauca, where terre des hommes schweiz works with young people to prevent violence, is also severely affected. Armed groups are murderously reaffirming their territorial claims there and eliminating political opponents. Only last week, gangs presumably killed five innocent young people. In June, a group of soldiers raped a 12-year-old girl. We demand that justice be done for these crimes and that the criminals do not go unpunished.

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"Sexual violence will increase"

At the end of January 2021, the World Health Organization declared an international health emergency. In mid-March, the government in Tanzania imposed a total curfew, which at the time of going to press had been lifted at the beginning of March.

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