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The citizens' committees in Brazil are showing the human rights violations the red card.

"A World Cup for Who?" attracts media attention

The launch of the campaign "A World Cup for Whom?" has been successful: After the presentation of the campaign, media of various kinds signalled their interest. The campaign is part of the civil resistance against the effects of the preparations for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
Sascha Tankerville, Media and Information

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A World Cup for who? A World Cup for everyone!

Today, the UN Human Rights Council convenes in Geneva for its 23rd session. At the same time, at a side event, Brazilian activists are launching the international campaign "World Cup for Whom?" for a socially and human rights compatible World Cup.
A press release from terre des hommes switzerland

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A burnt down settlement in the favelas of Brazil.

Football World Cup in Brazil: After the game is before the game

The preparations so far for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil have triggered many human rights violations. However, the affected population, which has organised itself into citizens' committees, is encountering walls from the Brazilian authorities. For this reason, those affected are trying to make themselves heard at higher levels.

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