Smile behind the mask during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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We demand security for Afro-Colombian youth from drug gangs that exploit the lockdown.
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Food tax

We distribute food packages and warm meals to people affected by poverty Families.
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We give protective masks but also hygiene kits with soaps and disinfectant.
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We make sure that People with pre- continue to fall ill their vital Drugs received.
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Market gardening

We help to plant vegetable gardens so that hungry people can secure their food can.
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We provide information about corona prevention measures through radio broadcasts, social media and flyers.
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We warn the people in the Sahrawi refugee camps with posters of Covid-19.
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CoronavirusSouth Africa
"It's not enough to know what a condom is".

After the lockdown in South Africa, many girls stopped showing up at school. They have since become pregnant. New data show that the number of ...

Corona and hunger: Brazil's double disaster

No other country in Latin America is as badly affected by Corona as Brazil. Additional suffering is caused by increasing hunger, which affects 10 million more Brazilians than two years ago.

Wave of violence in Colombia

In the shadow of the Corona crisis, a wave of violence is sweeping across Colombia. The region of Valle del Cauca, where terre des hommes schweiz works with young people to prevent violence, is also severely affected. Armed groups are murderously reaffirming their territorial claims there and eliminating political opponents. Only last week, gangs presumably killed five innocent young people. In June, a group of soldiers raped a 12-year-old girl. We demand that justice be done for these crimes and that the criminals do not go unpunished.

Two Peruvian youths power through the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis poses serious difficulties for the people in the Peruvian capital Lima and the other major cities. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes...

We must act now!

The novel coronavirus poses major challenges for the world. In Switzerland, the healthcare system and the economy can cope with a lot. In the countries of the South, the virus can lead to major problems.

We must show solidarity and help to prevent the worst!

Youth projects are successful in South Africa

With their own cultivation, young people in South Africa take their supply into their own hands. We show how they harvest successfully.
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