August 12, 2018

The power of youth

Young woman from Peru shows her freshly harvested coffee beans.
Young woman from Peru shows her freshly harvested coffee beans.

Today, August 12th, the UNO celebrates youth. Many actions by and with young people take place. The youth and their power change society again and again. The young people are the future. This makes it all the more important to support young people and to ensure that their important concerns are heard.

The International Youth Day, today, August 12, is a reminder. Governments, politicians and the whole of society should be reminded today that young people need security, participation, education and space to develop. Only in this way can they use their potential. Let us improve the world of young people, let us improve the world for everyone!

In our projects in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland, we work with our partner organisations to strengthen the skills of young people. With their power they create their own opportunities, change their environment and the whole society.

Coffee cultivation in Peru improved
Giovana Huarcaya (see above) from Peru is a successful coffee farmer. "Today I feed the whole family by selling my coffee. I am proud." Thanks to further training and expert support from our partner organisation, she uses sustainable cultivation methods. This enables her to achieve a high quality of coffee. As a result, she sells her coffee at a higher price and thus secures her long-term existence.

There are many more young people like Giovana whom we want to support. For this we also need your commitment. Together we can give many young people future opportunities. Help us with a donation!

Coffee project in Peru: a look behind the scenes
With our video diary (playlist) you have the possibility to get to know our coffee project better. The films were made by our employees Jo Jung, Programme Coordinator Peru, and Sarah Kreis, Corporate Cooperations, on their trip in May 2018.

Also present was Dina Horrowitz from Haenowitz & Page, a professional coffee roasting company. She was looking for new suppliers. Did she find them? Have a good time...

You can find the entry to the diary series right here:

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