Sustainable livelihoods

Sustainable livelihoods

Prevent youth unemployment in the early stages

Youth unemployment is a global problem. The young people affected are denied the opportunity to use their skills for the sustainable development of their country and to provide for themselves or their future families. terre des hommes schweiz enables young people to complete training courses and to become self-employed.
A young woman dyes hair in a hair studio.
Carla Susana Monge, 23 years old, was able to set up her own business as a hairdresser with the help of our partner organisation Cordes.

71 million young people worldwide are unemployed and 156 million young people in employment live in poverty. Economic crises and climate change exacerbate this situation. Many young people find themselves in exploitative and insecure employment. Many young people are highly motivated and have ideas for services or small businesses and want to put them into practice. They lack professional support, start-up capital and a social network to support them. Thus the creative potential of the young people remains unused. Crime and migration are often the only way out.

Many reasons to miss school
There are many reasons why access to school or vocational training is more difficult: young people have to work at home, the routes to school are insecure, the costs of transport to school and school fees are too high. In the case of young women, there is another reason: early pregnancies often mean that they are denied access to training.

A teenager shows his coffee beans on a bush.

Improved access to training
For these reasons, terre des hommes schweiz enables disadvantaged young people, especially girls, to gain access to qualified vocational training. To this end, tutoring courses at school and the teaching of technical, manual and entrepreneurial skills are promoted. In addition, the development of small businesses is supported. This enables young people to offer services and products needed by society and to improve their income. These measures strengthen the self-confidence and social skills of the young people.

SDG graphic for target no. 8

Agenda 2030 - Development Goal 8

This part of the project work relates to the fulfilment of sustainable development goal 8 of Agenda 2030 (UNO).

The content of the target:
"Promote sustained, broad-based and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all".


Daniela Weber
Program coordination El Salvador and thematic responsibility Sustainable livelihoods
061 338 91 49 | daniela.weber(at)terredeshommes.ch
Daniela WeberProgram coordination El Salvador and thematic responsibility Sustainable livelihoods

061 338 91 49 | daniela.weber(at)terredeshommes.ch

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