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Exhibition by terre des hommes switzerland

Currently, pictures on the theme of "Wearing Masks" from the MePower migration project are on display at the Crescenda restaurant in Basel. The photo exhibition provides insights into our work with young people with a refugee background. 

In the MePower project, young people with a refugee background learn about their strengths and opportunities for action and have the opportunity to network with each other. In the MePower summer workshop 2022 of terre des hommes switzerland, the participants dealt, among other things, with the topic of "wearing masks". To introduce the topic, the young migrants held simple paper masks in front of their faces and let this have an effect on them. They noticed: There is something uncanny about facing someone with a mask. Even wearing a mask can be constricting and take some getting used to, but it can also be a protection. The mask-wearing counterpart is difficult to assess, while you yourself can hide your own feelings behind a mask or slip into a certain role. The question of whether the young people felt as if they themselves sometimes had to put on masks in life was answered in the affirmative by all of them. Plaster masks were created as a creative implementation of the theme. Photos of the young people with their masks will now be presented at various locations in Basel. From Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the pictures can be admired at Bistro Crescenda near Schützenmattpark.  

Crescenda, Bundesstrasse 5, 4054 Basel. www.crescenda.ch  

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