Our projects in Brazil

A juvenile crofter sold their harvest on the market.
Counteracting the migration of young people from rural to urban areas
Many young people in north-eastern Brazil feel that they have no chance of establishing lives for themselves in their native rural region. They either migrate in droves to the large cities or look for work helping with the harvest on large plantations, where they are likely to be exploited. Our partner organisation, Centro Sabiá, helps young people to develop prospects for a future in the countryside. Agroforst is an ecological method of agriculture that provides a sustainable starting point.

Group picture with young people against red background.
Black youth and political participation
In Salvador de Bahia, in north-eastern Brazil, young black people are strongly disadvantaged and exposed to extreme violence. Government measures for the prevention of violence fall short. Our partner organisation CIPO (Comunicacao Interativa) offers young people further training in the area of communications, and encourages them to stand up for their rights in the Subúrbio slum area in Salvador de Bahia.
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Help for young people from young people.

In all its work in every single country it is involved in, terre des hommes schweiz relies on the strengths of young people. That is why the training programme Youth2Youth has been developed and is growing constantly.