Projects in El Salvador

Reinforcing the skills of young women
Raising the skill levels of young women
The situation of girls and young women in El Salvador is far from easy. For many, violence is a part of their everyday lives. They experience it on the streets, at work or at home. Our partner organisation Las Mélidas is working across the country to improve the living conditions of girls and young women as it fights for their rights.

Picture of the project: Alternatives to gang crime
Alternatives to gang crime
The youth gangs in El Salvador are regarded as particularly brutal and violent. They fight each other, commit crimes and use children and young people from poor families for their criminal ends. Our partner organisation Quetzalcoatl offers these children and young people an alternative to joining the gangs. The aim is to provide activities and projects to give these young people new hope for the future and to reduce the violence.

Picture of the project: "Young people in Chalatenango find alternatives to migration"
Young people in Chalatenango are finding alternatives to migration
Chalatenango is one of the poorest regions of El Salvador and was more severely affected by the civil war than almost any other part of the country. The young people are scarred by violence and unemployment. Many emigrate to the USA because they see no future in their homeland. Our partner organisation CORDES (Fundación para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Comunal de El Salvador) helps young people in Chalatenango to find alternatives to emigrating.

Picture from the project: "Psychosocial support for young people"
Psychosocial support for young people
No other region of El Salvador was so badly affected by the war - and still suffers so much from the consequences - as the region of Chalatenango. Not only is there a great readiness to use violence but there is also very high unemployment. Many young people feel forced to emigrate to the United States or one of the neighbouring countries. Our partner organisations ACISAM and KOPAR offer the young people in Chalatenango an alternative to emigration and help them to work for peace in their region.
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