Our work in Mozambique


Young people perform a play in the village
In Mozambique, the main focuses of our work are on HIV/Aids and rural development. The partner organisations of terre des hommes schweiz work to champion the rights of children and young people, and to help women and girls working in rural areas.
In Mozambique nearly half a million children have lost at least one parent to Aids. As well as the emotional loss, this also has other consequences. The children and young people are left alone. Often, they are responsible for child-headed households, in which they have to look after their younger siblings and also provide an income. There is often neither the time nor the money for going to school.

Girls and women particularly affected by poverty
Another important area of work in Mozambique is rural development. Mozambique is still one of the poorest countries in the world. In the rural regions especially, family social networks are disintegrating so the population is obliged to flee to the poorest districts of the cities. Girls and young women often suffer the most from poverty. Women are largely responsible for managing the house and fields and for bringing up the children, but they have hardly any say in their own lives. Early marriages and teenage pregnancies are also an important issue in Mozambique.

Strengthening people's rights and encouraging initiative
In projects run by terre des hommes schweiz, children and young people affected by HIV/Aids are given both psychosocial and material help. They learn how to group together with other children and young people to work together to assert their rights. The girls and young women in rural areas also have their self-confidence boosted. They are given start-up funding for activities that will bring them an income. This makes them economically independent and gives them more recognition, which in turn reduces domestic violence.
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Help for young people from young people.

In all its work in every single country it is involved in, terre des hommes schweiz relies on the strengths of young people. That is why the training programme Youth2Youth has been developed and is growing constantly.