Projects in Peru

Bilingual teaching for Quechua children
Bilingual teaching for Quechua children
The Quechua children in Peru have a difficult time when they start school. The official language of instruction is Spanish - a foreign language for them. Without a proper education, it is almost impossible for the disadvantaged Quechua people to break out of the cycle of poverty. Our partner organisation ADECAP is working to provide bilingual and context-appropriate teaching.

Jugendliche interviewen mit Kamera und Mikrofon andere Jugendliche.
Young people set up micro-cinemas
A network of small cinemas run by young people is providing entertainment for people in rural areas and in the poor urban districts of Peru. The films they show, which are based on the realities of life for the local population, are followed by discussion events. The young cinema operators are making a valuable contribution to education, social interchange and cultural identity.

Picture from the project: "Empowering young black people in El Carmen"
Empowering young blacks in El Carmen
In Peru, there is no black movement like there is in Colombia and Brazil. The Afro-Peruvian population lives in social exclusion on the country's Pacific coast. For the young people who are affected, this social exclusion is hard to bear, because they have little prospect of a better future on account of their ethnic origin. Our partner organisation La Casa de la Mujer Carmelitana has set up the youth organisation Somos Ébano (We are Ebony). It encourages economic initiatives among the young Afro-Peruvians and supports their culture.

A teenager is filling water into a huge pot with a water hose.
Supporting the independence of young people in rural areas
The Andean population of Peru's mountain regions lives in extreme poverty. In search of work and better living conditions, young people in particular migrate to the cities. What often awaits them there is nothing but further misery. Young people in Pacota have started to make improvements to the traditional practice of rearing guinea pigs, organising it on a proper commercial basis. By selling the guinea pigs, they are able to secure an income that represents a genuine alternative to migration.

Teenagers crouching beside a fireplace.
Empowering young people from the Andes
Despite their rich agricultural tradition and booming tourist industry, the districts of Lares and Calca in the region of Cusco are two of the most impoverished districts of the Peruvian Andes. Many people, especially young people, have been moving out of the area. Our partner organisation, ARPEC, has been helping young people to exploit their own opportunities to generate an income. At the same time, these young people are making an important contribution to maintaining the unique diversity in the region's agriculture.
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