Selected projects in detail

In this section you can find more detailed descriptions of some selected projects:


A young man shows the others how to make planks
In Mozambique, over 400,000 children have lost at least one parent to Aids. These children and young people suddenly find themselves alone and having to look after their younger brothers and sisters. Our partner organisation OSAMULIZA supports these children and young people so that they can cope better with their changed circumstances and it also gives them material assistance.

Ways out of the cycle of violence in Brazil

Young women interviewing the mothers of murder victims
Brazil has the fifth-highest murder rate in the world for deaths of young people. In Recife, in the north-east of the country, about 600 young people are killed every year. Our partner organisation Grupo Comunidade Assumindo Suas Crianças (GCASC) offers psychosocial support for the mothers whose lives are affected in this way. Their stories are used as the basis for carrying out awareness-raising work in the schools of the district and making people think about the ubiquitous problem of violence.

Empowering black young people in El Carmen

Young Afro-Peruvians learn a dance
In Peru there is no black movement like there is in Colombia or Brazil. The Afro-Peruvian population lives in social exclusion on the country's Pacific coast and for young people, the lack of hope for the future is hard to bear. The youth organisation Somos Ébano (We are Ebony) encourages economic initiatives among young Afro-Peruvians and supports their culture.

Protecting and empowering working children

Young people making live recordings for their radio show
Around the world, 150 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 work, many of them in conditions which are very bad for their health. That is why terre des hommes schweiz helps working children in Nicaragua to protect themselves, discover their capabilities and build a future for themselves.

Championing the rights of orphans and widows

Young people working in Nelico workshops
Children, young people and women are particularly affected by the Aids pandemic in north-west Tanzania. As orphans and widows, they have to cope with the loss of their family members, but often suffer from HIV/Aids themselves and are therefore pushed out to the margins of society. The organisation Nelico works to support the rights and needs of people affected in this way. The organisation pays special attention to albinos, who are often persecuted and murdered in Tanzania because of superstitious beliefs.

Support for victims of sexual abuse

Attending a workshop on human trafficking
In South Africa a woman is raped every ten minutes and 40% of young people under the age of 18 report that they have been raped at least once in their lives. For rape victims from the townships and rural regions in particular, there is a lack of professional support. Our partner organisation LifeLine in Pietermaritzburg trains young volunteers to become counsellors and sets up drop-in centres at district hospitals for victims of sexual abuse.

A livelihood from ecological farming

Young people work together in the fields
Small farmers in Brazil are in a very difficult situation because of the unequal distribution of land and an export-oriented farming policy. Young people see no future in rural areas and emigrate to the cities. Our partner organisation ASSEMA works to improve the living conditions of small farming families and encourages economic initiatives by young people living in the countryside.
Young people from Colombia play football together

Quality and control

The quality of our work and that of our partners is very important to us. We use a range of mechanisms to guarantee it.