Laila Fakhouri, winner of the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar on 10.12.2019. Photo zVg terre des hommes schweiz, by Samuel Rink

Laila Fakhouri

For 45 years, Morocco has occupied large parts of Western Sahara, home of the Sahrauis. They are regularly the target of repression and discrimination by the occupying forces. The young Sahraui Laila Fakhouri stands up for the rights and self-determination of her people. On the initiative of terre des hommes schweiz, she received the Weimar Human Rights Award 2019 for her commitment to a peaceful solution to the "forgotten" conflict in Western Sahara.

"Young Sahrauis need prospects" 

9 December 2020

Media release - The signs point to war in the decades-long conflict between Morocco and the Sahrawi liberation movement Frente Polisario. Human rights activist Laila Fahkouri has been staying in the Sahrawi refugee camps in the Algerian desert since March. The situation is particularly gruelling for young people, she tells terre des hommes schweiz. Condemned to do nothing, they are prone to [...]

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Laila Fakhouri on the situation in the Sahrawi refugee camps

9 December 2020

The ceasefire between Morocco and the Frente Polisario, the political representation of the Sahrawis, lasted almost thirty years. In mid-November, the conflict escalated and now the signs point to war. The young Sahrawi Laila Fakhouri is campaigning for a peaceful solution to the conflict and for the rights of her people. Since March, the [...]

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"Right to Self-Determination for Young Saharan"

December 10, 2019

The Western Sahara conflict is a continuing catastrophe for the population of the Sahrauis. Since 1975, the Moroccan regime has illegally ruled over these people and their homeland in North West Africa. terre des hommes schweiz has been committed for many years to the private, political and economic self-determination of the Sahrauis. The development organisation has successfully lobbied for the young Sahraui, [...]

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Human Rights Award for Young Sahraui

November 21, 2019

Laila Fakhouri has been campaigning since early youth for the right of her people to self-determination. For this commitment, the 25-year-old Sahraui now receives the Human Rights Award of the city of Weimar. This prize is awarded every year on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on 10 December. terre des hommes schweiz nominated Laila Fakhouri for the prize. On 4 [...]

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Sahrawis in Western Sahara: Better War Than Oblivion?

Echo of Time, 12/17/2020


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