A sensible gift

A sensible gift

Are you looking for a special gift? We have just the right thing: With a gift donationen you double the pleasure. you pleaseden Your loved ones with a meaningful gift and supporten at the same time children and young people in need in Africa and Latin America. 

Gift donation with "Café Joven" | CHF 60

Gift donation with coffee from Peru (250 g) for CHF 60 incl. donation. The coffee is sent with a nice card. 

The Basel roasting company Haenowitz & Page visited our project in Peru and was so convinced of the quality of the coffee that they roasted it with great care and included it in their range of products. The coffee has a fine grapefruit acidity, medium body, toffee and dark berries and a pronounced sugar cane sweetness. A real treat for Frahlingling lovers.

Information about the project: The people at the foothills of the Andes live on coffee cultivation for 90 %. However, many coffee farmers only produce coffee of inferior quality, which they can only sell at low prices. Bitter poverty is the result. With workshops, technical assistance and know-how we support still young coffee producers in improving the quality of their coffee. This enables them to sell it at a higher price and thus secure their livelihoodYour donation goes directly to the project for the benefit of 

Gift donation with cookbook by Tanja Grandits
"The Happiness of Simple Cooking" | CHF 65

Gift donation with the latest book by Tanja Grandits for CHF 65 including signature of Tanja Grandits. The book will be sent with a nice card. 

As ambassador, the top chef supports our project in Tanzania "Future prospects for young mothers". "In my life, I have always had the good fortune to be able to change my situation myself. But many girls and women do not have this privilege because of their gender. That is why it means a lot to me to support the right to self-determination", says Tanja Grandits.

Information about the project: Girls and young women in Tanzania often do not know how to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. As they are financially, socially and legally disadvantaged, many do not know their rights. We support vocational courses for young mothers, girls and women and promote their economic initiatives. The project gives them self-confidence and independence. Your donation directly benefits the project.

Gift donation with a children's book from Baobab Books | CHF 40

Gift donation with a book of Baobab Books for CHF 40 including a donation for our project work in Africa and Latin America. Available for selection:

Fast Bunny by John Kilaka. A picture book from Tanzania. From 4 years.

The animals are thirsty, but the crocodile does not let them drink from the river - unless one of the animals is allowed to eat. For the big ones it is clear: a small animal is sacrificed. The hare, for example. He quickly saves himself into a cave. The others look for him feverishly and wake up the lion, which then follows the buffalo. This is also how buffalo land in the cave. Will you work together to find a way for them to get to water?


Bené, faster than the fastest chicken in Eymard Toledo. A story from Brazil. From 5 years old.

Football is the greatest thing for Bené from Ubá in Brazil. No matter what Bené does or where he goes, balls accompany him everywhere. His family also lives from balls, because they sew footballs. Bené doesn't go to school because, like many children in the poorer regions of the country, he has to help earn the family's living. Will his dream of real football boots and a jersey come true anyway?


Happiness is a fish from Melba Escobar de Nogales. A tale from Colombia. From 8 years.

Pedro desires nothing more than to see the sea. His surprise is great when his mother gives him a trip to an island for his tenth birthday. But then this holiday turns out to be completely different from what he had imagined. When Pedro learns why his father didn't come, he runs blindly away from anger and disappointment - until he no longer knows where he is. In an almost magical way, reality, fantasy and dream are combined. 


Information about the project: Baobab Books is the specialist agency for the promotion of cultural diversity in children's and young people's literature. Baobab Books is committed to the dialogue between cultures. The focus of its work is the book, which as a cultural asset can convey social values in a more differentiated way than almost any other medium. Baobab Books is a partner organisation of terre des hommes schweiz. In November 2019 Baobab Books will be awarded this year's Swiss Fairy Tale Prize. This is in recognition of Baobab Books' commitment to preserving fairy tales, myths and stories as a bridge of understanding between cultures.

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