Lukas Bärfuss reflects on dying and inheritance

In his new book "Vaters Kiste", author Lukas Bärfuss deals with dying and inheritance. He also shared his thoughts on inheritance in a video for the Day of the Will: "The questions we are asked when dealing with inheritance are existential. They concern the first and last things, they concern the question of what is important to us, what we love. And we cannot avoid these questions: The moment comes when they are put to us. Then we should seize the opportunity. It is very enriching to come to terms with your own end. Because one day it will catch us all." 

In Switzerland per year around 95 billion francs bequeathed. An unimaginably large sum. Only three per mille or 0.3 % in the form of legacies/bequests or inheritances to charitable organizations. Just one more per thousand would bring the common good an additional 95,000 million per year for future generations.  

It is important to Lukas Bärfuss that a larger proportion of the inherited wealth goes to the common good in future. "Sharing is the key word. To share is to care. And everyone should get their fair share. We are not entering an empty world. There are generations before us who have built this world, from which we benefit, from their achievements. And we could pass something on - put something into this community in which we live." 

Sharing is important, for future generations - for the world. It's in our hands: if we all pass on a small percentage of our estate for the common good, it will make a huge difference.

Inheritances and legacies

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