Focal points

Culture of peace

Two young people perform a theatre scene in front of an audience.

Effective against violence

Violence increases poverty, destroys social networks and infrastructure. Violence and violent conflicts prevent development. They lead to traumatisation of the population and destroy people's livelihoods. In the project countries of terre des hommes schweiz, violence is one of the primary social problems.


focus on health 2

Promoting the sexual and reproductive health of young people

Young people are generally healthier than other age groups. However, they are exposed to particular risks that can harm them not only for their immediate future but for the rest of their lives: HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies and the lack of the right to a self-determined sexuality affect young people in southern Africa particularly strongly.

Sustainable livelihoods

A young man wearing gloves and a beekeeper's hat checks one of his hives.

Prevent youth unemployment in the early stages

Youth unemployment is a global problem. The young people affected are denied the opportunity to use their skills for the sustainable development of their country and to provide for themselves or their future families. terre des hommes schweiz enables young people to complete training courses and to become self-employed entrepreneurs.
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