Give away perspectives for young cafeteros in Peru

By buying this coffee you support our project "Better income for young people thanks to quality coffee" in Peru. The yields of traditional coffee cultivation methods no longer generated enough income for small farming families in local markets. The project supports young coffee producers* so that they can use new methods to produce quality coffee and thus secure their livelihood. The result for you - balanced, excellent coffee with 83.75 NCA points, the sale of which directly benefits the young cafeteros in Peru.

The coffee is roasted at Haenowitz & Page in Basel and was developed in cooperation with terre des hommes schweiz and its partner organisation CEDEPAS (Peru).

The project you support by buying this coffee
Together with its partner organisation CEDEPAS, terre des hommes schweiz supports young coffee farmers in improving their coffee quality in order to have better sales opportunities. They could no longer earn sufficient income with conventional methods and had to move to the cities for poorly paid jobs. Thanks to the project, young coffee farmers can build a future worth living in their home country.

More on this in the Video
Further information about the project and the cooperation www.terredeshommesschweiz.ch/kaffee

Speciality coffee Haenowitz & Page 250 gr

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250 gr.

single origin
La Selva, Pichanaki, Peru


Fine grapefruit acid, medium body, toffee and dark berries, pronounced sugar cane sweetness


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