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These Swarm Socks let the wild bees swarm again in Mozambique. With the purchase of these socks you support our agricultural youth project. By learning ecological farming methods, young people in our project sustainably secure their food and livelihood. As a result, there are more green spaces and flowers, all the goodies that wild bees also prefer. So they have enough food again and help to keep our ecosystem in balance.

The fashion label Beeyond supports this project with an additional 4 francs per sold pair of socks.

The fast fashion industry harms people and the environment. Beeyond takes a different approach. The articles are ethically produced and you can find information about the origin and the ecological footprint of your favorite piece on every garment (QR code). Find out here how it works.

Sustainably made from organic and recycled materials:
71% Organic cotton (GOTS certified)
27% recycled polyamide (Q-Nova® from Fulgar)
2% Lycra® spandex

The socks have a high-quality jacquard pattern and a perfect fit so they provide excellent comfort for your skin.

The project you support with this purchase
In Mozambique, in the green belt of the capital Maputo, young people are suffering from poverty, lack of prospects and the consequences of climate change. Hurricanes are increasing, rainy and dry seasons are becoming longer, and soils are becoming salinized. The massive use of pesticides is destroying biodiversity. Our partner organization Abiodes supports young people with training courses in sustainable agriculture and imparts knowledge about biodiversity and climate protection. In courses, young farmers learn how to market their products locally. Abiodes supports and accompanies them in setting up their own farms.

If you want to support our sustainable agricultural projects with young people in the long term, sign up for a sponsorship. You can find more information here:  www.terredeshommesschweiz.ch/patenschaften

Swarm Socks

Brand: Beeyond
in three different colors

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