Representation of a network
terre des hommes schweiz works in partnership with numerous national and international institutions and organisations.
These networks are vital for sharing and spreading information. They make use of the synergies between the individual organisations and the specialist expertise within them. Networks are essential for giving greater weight to shared interests. In some cases, the organisations and institutions also perform roles which terre des hommes schweiz is not able to carry out but which we regard as important.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
The SDC coordinates Switzerland's development work and plays an important role in planning out its direction. terre des hommes schweiz receives funding for its programmes from the SDC. This funding is tied to compliance with certain quality criteria which are regularly reviewed by the SDC. The SDC enters into dialogue with Swiss NGOs in Switzerland and abroad, and also with organisations such as the UN and the World Bank.

Alliance Sud
The Alliance Sud is a common platform for development policy, comprising six Swiss aid organisations. terre des hommes schweiz is a partner of Alliance Sud. The organisation works to ensure that Switzerland has a coherent policy towards impoverished countries.

Terre des Hommes International Federation
The International Federation is the network of 10 terre des hommes organisations worldwide. It coordinates interaction between the various terre des hommes organisations at an international level. It works on the themes for joint international campaigns and has consultative status at the UN, UNICEF, ILO (International Labour Organization) and the EU.

Cooperation Brazil (KoBra)
KoBra is a network comprising a wide range of entities which have a connection with Brazil. The network strives to bring about lasting social, ecological and economic improvements in Brazil and gives ordinary Brazilian civilians a voice here. terre des hommes schweiz is a member of KoBra. The association encourages the sharing of information between members.

Center for Peacebuilding (KOFF)
KOFF is a platform for government and non-government bodies engaged in peace work. The competence centre reinforces the expertise of Swiss organisations and their international partners in civilian peacemaking. For terre des hommes schweiz, it provides an opportunity for sharing information in the main focus areas of violence prevention and conflict transformation. terre des hommes schweiz works in numerous post-conflict countries.

Ethos - Swiss foundation for sustainable development
The Foundation works to ensure that ecological and social criteria play an important role in the investment practices and corporate governance of companies. Sustainability should be a key guiding principle in investment and company management. terre des hommes schweiz is a member of Ethos.

Children's Rights Network Switzerland
This network monitors the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Switzerland. It carries out political lobbying for children's and young people's rights and gathers relevant information. It organises targeted campaigns to encourage public debate about children's and young people's rights. terre des hommes schweiz is a member of the network.

Working Group on Tourism and Development (akte)
akte is the Swiss body which looks at tourism from the point of view of development policy and works for fair trade in tourism. akte also operates the portal, where tourists and anyone else who is interested can find out about ethical tourism. terre des hommes schweiz was a founder member of the working group in 1977 and still sponsors it today.

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Help for young people from young people.

In all its work in every single country it is involved in, terre des hommes schweiz relies on the strengths of young people. That is why the training programme Youth2Youth has been developed and is growing constantly.