terre des hommes switzerland works with numerous national and international partners on the vision of a fairer world. We support the economic, political and social self-determination of people in developing countries and in Switzerland.

Black children and young people sitting on black plastic chairs and looking forward.
Strengthening young people in townships: children and young people at the Youth Event Mfakantini of our partner organisation Dlalanathi in South Africa.

The frame of reference for the guiding values of terre des hommes schweiz is the indivisible human and children's rights declared by the United Nations. The focus is on these values:

Human dignity and social justicePeople have a right to self-determination, to security and protection from exploitation and to cultural self-determination.

Tolerance and respectWe must question our respective values and allow them to be questioned. This creates an ability to learn, based on the development possibilities of other cultural approaches.

Equivalence: All people are equal. Equivalence does not mean equality. Equivalence includes the possibility and chance to be different and to shape one's own life in a certain way.

ResponsibilityResponsibility means not only taking action, but also considering and taking into account the consequences of trade. This includes the willingness to share power, knowledge and experience.

(From the Operations Strategy 2010)

Quality and control

The quality of our work and that of our partners is important to us. We ensure this with a range of instruments.

terre des hommes schweiz sets high standards for the correct treatment of children and young people. To this end, employees and partner organisations have signed the Code of Conduct (see below), to which we adhere. In the event of misconduct, please send an e-mail to ethics@terredeshommes.ch.

Code of Conduct for employees (PDF)
Code of Conduct for Partners (PDF)

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment

Have you observed any serious misconduct in the working context of "terre des hommes schweiz"?
Please contact our independent ombudspersons here!

Beatrice Inglin-Buomberger
Social worker FH, mediator

Dieter von Blarer
Lic.iur. Lawyer

Together with eight other Swiss NGOs, terre des hommes switzerland has committed itself to responsible communication. With our public appearance, we would like, among other things, to uphold the dignity of people in the Global South and contribute to a positive image of development work in Switzerland.

Manifesto for responsible communication of international cooperation (PDF).

terre des hommes switzerland has achieved the "Keeping Children Safe, Level 1" certification, which confirms that a comprehensive framework for the protection of children is in place that meets the standards for protecting children from harm, and that any concerns are adequately addressed should they arise.

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