November 29, 2013

Violence against women - a worldwide epidemic

Infographics about the health risks of domestic violence.
Infographics about the health risks of domestic violence.

Many of the partner organisations of terre des hommes schweiz have been dealing with the problem of gender-specific violence for years. In Africa, more than every third woman suffers violent assaults. However, it is not only women from countries of the South who are struggling with this phenomenon. The annual campaign "16 days against violence against women" draws attention to this problem and its consequences.

In June the World Health Organization (WHO) published a new report on violence against women. This first systematic worldwide survey produced shocking results: Sexual and other physical violence against women is much more common than previously suspected. Worldwide (including Switzerland), about 35 percent of all women suffer beatings, rapes or violent assaults.
The evaluation showed that most acts of violence against women occur within partnerships and relationships. In Africa, the proportion of women who experience violence from their partner is 36.6 percent. Worldwide, 38 percent of all murders of women are committed by their partners.
Victims of violence more susceptible to disease
The authors of the study also came to the conclusion that experiences of violence result in a whole spectrum of short-term and long-term health problems. In addition to the physical injuries, there are also long-term psychological consequences: Women who have experienced violence double the risk of developing depression. In addition, the traumatic experiences increase the risk of suicide, often lead to eating disorders and promote addictive behaviour.
International campaign "16 Days against Violence against Women
Many of the partner organisations of terre des hommes schweiz have been dealing with the problem of gender-specific violence in their countries for years. This year again, several of our partner organisations will participate in the action weeks "16 days against violence against women".
In the period between 25 November, International Day against Violence against Women, and 10 December, International Human Rights Day, actions and events calling for action against violence against women will take place worldwide. This is also the case in Switzerland. On the website of the Christian Peace Service, interested parties can find an overview of the events.
Our partner organizations
Last year we reported on the campaign of our partner organisation LeMuSiCa (support for girls and young women affected by violence):

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