Projects in Peru

Projects in Peru

Quechua-speaking children in the Andes, indigenous small farmers, the Afro-Peruvian population – these are the groups that are most marginalised in Peru. The partner organizations of terre des hommes schweiz help young people to generate income through their own initiatives, thereby improving their lives and strengthening their culture.

More rights for domestic workers

In Peru, many girls flee from rural poverty to the cities to work as domestic workers. The working conditions are hard. The girls, often not yet 16 years old, work up to 15 hours per day. They earn little or are not even paid. Not infrequently, the young women are also sexually abused. Our partner organisation Centro Loyola strengthens the rights of the domestic workers in Ayacucho, supports them in their personal development and gives them self-confidence.

Better income for young people thanks to quality coffee

The people at the foothills of the Andes live on coffee cultivation for 90 %. However, many coffee farmers only produce coffee of inferior quality, which they can only sell at low prices. Bitter poverty is the result. With workshops, technical support and know-how, our partner organisation CEDEPAS helps young coffee producers to improve the quality of their coffee. This enables them to sell it at a higher price, thus securing their livelihood.

Basic information

Simplified map of Peru

Size: 1.3 million km² (31.1 times Switzerland)

Population31.1 million (3.7 times Switzerland)

Human Development Index: 0,740 (rank 87 of 185 countries)

Distribution of income in %: 80,7 (0 = equal distribution / 100% = one person has everything)

Share of population from 0 to 24 years46.5% (Switzerland: 26.5%)

Unemployment rate: 6,7%

Focus of workEducation and income

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