Projects in Zimbabwe

Projects in Zimbabwe

HIV/Aids is an enormous problem. Although the total number of those infected has reduced over the last decade from 26 to 15 %, and antiretroviral drugs are in principle available free of charge to all, the number of children and young people affected still remains very high. Those affected are at risk of social exclusion. Therefore they conceal their illness as long as possible – which once again makes prevention more difficult.

Life prospects despite HIV/Aids

In Zimbabwe, there is hardly a family that is not affected by the Aids pandemic. HIV-positive adolescents often suffer not only from the actual disease, the community also excludes them socially and economically. Out of desperation, many leave their home. Our partner organization Million Memory Project Zimbabwe (MMPZ) strengthens these young people with an education program and psychosocial support.

Improving life skills of young people

Poverty and one of the highest rates of HIV/Aids in the world: in Zimbabwe around 14% of the population are living with HIV. The precarious economic situation drives many young Zimbabweans to migrate to South Africa or Botswana. Here they are often exploited due to their illegal status. Our partner organisation Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) is promoting psychosocial wellbeing and carrying out awareness work on sexual and reproductive health for young people. Additionally, they are working with the population to create prospects for young people and thereby provide alternatives to migration.

Basic information

Simplified map of Zimbabwe

Size: 390 757 km² (9,5 times Switzerland)

Population: 13,1 Mio. (1,5 times Switzerland)

Human Development Index: 0.516 (Rank 154 of 185 Countries)

Income distribution in %: 79,4 (0 = Equal distribution / 100% = one person owns everthing)

Share of population from 0 to 24 years: 60,5% (Switzerland: 26,5%)

Murder rate: 25 of 100 000 Inhabitants (Switzerland: 0,6)

Key project area: Health

Programme Coordinator

Hafid Derbal
Programme Coordinator Zimbabwe and Südafrika
061 335 91 54 | Hafid.Derbal(a)
Hafid DerbalProgramme Coordinator Zimbabwe and Südafrika

061 335 91 54 | Hafid.Derbal(a)

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