Key project areas

Effective action against violence

Violence exacerbates poverty and destroys social networks and infrastructure. Violence and violent conflicts hinder development. They devastate people’s livelihoods and cause populations to become traumatised. Violence is one of the main social problems in the countries where terre des hommes schweiz is active.

Promotion of sexual and reproductive health among youth

Young people are generally healthier than those in other age groups. However they are also exposed to certain risks that can have a negative impact on their immediate future and the rest of their lives. Youth in southern Africa are particularly severely affected by HIV/Aids, early pregnancies and a lack of freedom regarding their own sexuality.

Preventing youth unemployment in its early stages

Youth unemployment is a global issue. Young people affected by unemployment are unable to use their skills to support themselves and their future families, or aid the sustainable development of their country. terre des hommes schweiz enables young people to complete vocational training and start their own businesses.