Education and income

Preventing youth unemployment in its early stages

Youth unemployment is a global issue. Young people affected by unemployment do not have the opportunity to use their skills for the sustainable development of their country and to support themselves and their future families. terre des hommes schweiz enables young people to complete vocational training and start their own businesses.
A young woman dying hair at a hairdressing.
Carla Susana Monge, 23 years old, was able to build up her own hairdressing business with the help of our partnerorganisation Cordes.

Worldwide there are 71 million unemployed young people and 156 million working young people living in poverty. Economic crises and climate change are making the situation worse.  Many young people are exploited or forced to endure precarious working conditions. At the same time, there are lots of young, highly motivated people who have ideas for services or small businesses and are keen to put them into action, but don’t have the necessary specialist assistance, start-up capital or social network to support them. So their creative potential remains untapped. Under such circumstances, crime and migration are often the only ways to escape poverty and exploitation.

Numerous reasons for missing out on school
There are lots of reasons why young people can find it difficult to access school or vocational education. They might have to work at home, the journey to school may be dangerous, or they may be unable to afford the school fees or the costs of travelling to school. Young women face an additional barrier: early pregnancies often mean that they are prohibited from gaining an education.

An adolescent shows a coffee-fruit on a plant.

Improved access to education
To counteract these problems, terre des hommes schweiz helps disadvantaged youth – particularly girls – gain access to qualified vocational training. Funding is provided for after school tutoring and training for technical and business skills. Support is also provided for young people setting up their own small businesses. These young entrepreneurs can increase their income by offering services and products required by their communities. These measures also help to boost their self-confidence[A1]  and social skills.


Picture of the SDG Goal 8: Decent work and economic development

2030 Agenda Goal 8

This part of the project work refers to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 8 of the 2030 Agenda (UNO).

The content of the goal:
Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

More about the Sustainable Development Goal 8

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Daniela Weber
Programme Coordinator El Salvador and Desk for Education and Income
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Daniela WeberProgramme Coordinator El Salvador and Desk for Education and Income

061 338 91 49 | Daniela.Weber(a)