The rights of young migrants

Migration is usually depicted as a threat or something negative that needs to be prevented. However migration is both a reality and a challenge that requires people to come together to find answers. Migration also involves great risks, particularly for children and youth. terre des hommes schweiz is opposed to racism and advocates the protection of young migrants.
Young people look into the distance with their back to the camera at the wooden park on the Klybeck site.
Joint city walks help to overcome isolation. - © terre des hommes switzerland

Migration is one of the global challenges of the 21st century. In public discourse migration is primarily depicted as something negative that needs to be prevented. Migrants are perceived as a threat to safety, prosperity and national identity. However migration is not a problem that requires a solution, as it is so often portrayed. Migration is a reality, which, contrary to popular opinion, is not primarily directed at Europe – most migration takes place in the Global South.

Migrating children are children first and foremost
All over the world there are people fleeing from violence and poverty. The search for safety and an income is legitimate and must not be criminalised or used as a political football. Many migrants are children and youth, a particularly vulnerable group, whose protection must be assured. Minors require special protection. They are children first and foremost and therefore protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This means, for instance, that they have a right to child-appropriate accommodation and care. The aim should always be to find a long-term solution that best serves the interests of the youth or child. And it is imperative that the youth or child be involved in the search for a solution.

Advocacy for the protection and rights of young migrants
terre des hommes schweiz promotes an open and tolerant society free from racism and discrimination. Our international migration campaign Destination Unknown[A1] calls for the protection of young migrants and their rights, all over the world. In Switzerland we are involved in the social integration of unaccompanied underage asylum seekers.

Black teenager walking through the city on the Dreirosenbrücke. Behind him is a bicycle with a wagon.

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The project with underage asylum seekers should help them to find their way better in their new environment.

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Destination Unknown

Promoting the rights of young migrants

Minor migrants are primarily children and adolescents who need special protection. In order to draw attention to their needs, terre des hommes schweiz is involved in the international campaign Destination Unknown.