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Digitalisation and mobile technology has now made its way into even the most rural regions of Africa and South America and communication is becoming increasingly affordable. Chats, social media groups and online telephony open up new opportunities in working with young people, which we are taking advantage of with the International Youth Network. The aim is to strengthen young people as social actors, because they can change the world forever.

Young people with the same T-shirt holding flags
In Global Action Month, the young people organise actions on the common focus topic.

International exchange
Through various communication platforms, the participating young people can exchange views on various topics beyond regional and national borders. In this way, friendships are to develop and mutual solidarity is to be experienced and intercultural understanding is to grow. In addition, the young people can inspire each other during the exchange or give practical advice on specific projects.

Common focus...
The International Youth Network is a violence prevention project of terre des hommes switzerland. Violence occurs in many different forms and is unfortunately a worldwide problem. In the International Youth Network, the participants choose a focus topic each year and learn about the situation in other countries in the discussions. In the selection process, the young people learn a lot about the various facets of violence and its consequences.

...and coordinated actions
In Global Action Month (GAM), the young people take action: the individual youth groups organise local actions on this year's focus theme. In this way, the young people contribute to the prevention of violence on the ground, attract collective attention and thus show solidarity with other regions of the world.

Youth participation and responsibility
The International Youth Network encourages young people to help shape society through their own initiative. In addition, the young people give each other input and tips for the planned activities.

The International Youth Network works with delegates: all project partners supported by terre des hommes schweiz can appoint two young people who are in regular contact at national level. Each country in turn appoints two delegates who network with delegates from other countries worldwide. The delegates are responsible for passing on the information or experience gathered.

Excerpts from a national IYN chat in Tanzania. The young people discussed sexual violence. All names changed.

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Project description

Responsible for the project

Susanne Furler
Program Coordination Tanzania and International Youth Network
061 338 91 38 | susanne.furler(a)terredeshommes.ch
Susanne FurlerProgram Coordination Tanzania and International Youth Network

061 338 91 38 | susanne.furler(a)terredeshommes.ch

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