Donate Now

Donate Now

You can help us most by giving regular, non-specific donations. We can use non-specific donations for those projects for which money is lacking. The administrative effort is also less for non-specific donations than for those for a specific purpose. Regular donations give us security in our medium- and long-term project planning.
The following payment methods are available for your online donations to terre des hommes schweiz: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Postfinance Postcard and Postfinance E-Finance. Last but not least, if you fill in your details, you can even order a paying-in slip from us.

How much, then?
Not sure how much you should donate? As an example, with 50 francs you can pay for two children in Mozambique to go to school for a year. With 85 francs, you could enable a class in El Salvador to plant their own vegetable garden, or with 100 francs you could pay for two young people in South Africa to have expert support in coming to terms with their experience of violence.

Save on your taxes by donating 
Donations made to terre des hommes schweiz can be deducted from your tax liability. Each year in February we send all our donors a confirmation of their donations that shows the total sum donated in the previous year.

Bank details

Postaccount: 40-260-2


Basler Kantonalbank
4002 Basel
IBAN: CH61 0077 0016 0505 2951 6

Simple, secure and thrifty – donate via Direct Debit

With Direct Debit the donator minimizes administrational costs and allowes us to pursue projects longterm with stabile funding.

Mit einem automatischen Spendenauftrag verringern Sie den administrativen Aufwand und ermöglichen uns, Projekte langfristig umzusetzen und die Finanzierung zu sichern.

Download the PDF-File (German), fill out the form digitally and mail the printed and signed paper to us.

terre des hommes schweiz
Laufenstrasse 12
CH-4053 Basel

Thank you very much!

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