April 10, 2015

Young people in Switzerland collect for young women in Tanzania

Elmir Duljaj and Lobsang Tenzin hand Markus Bütler a big check for 4050 francs in Zurich.
Elmir Duljaj and Lobsang Tenzin hand Markus Bütler a big check for 4050 francs in Zurich.

Do you know the group NØ MERCY from Glarus? NØ MERCY is a small group of teenagers and young adults we did not know before. Nevertheless, on 23.03.2015 Markus Bütler and Sascha Tankerville were allowed to accept a check worth 4050 Swiss francs. Many thanks for the support!

The group NØ MERCY regularly organises parties for young people at the Holästei cultural centre in Glarus. Once a year the party is dedicated to a special purpose: donations are collected for an aid project. The last benefit event was dedicated to our project Ebli in Tanzania. On this evening 4050 Swiss francs were collected, which were handed over to us two weeks ago (23.03.2015). We would like to thank all participants very much for their support!

Young and committed people with migration background
At the centre of NØ MERCY are two young adults: Elmir Duljaj and Lobsang Tenzin. Up to now, they have supported projects with NØ MERCY that correspond to their own migration backgrounds. But last time they had decided to donate to a project that supports young people in particular. At that time they did not know terre des hommes schweiz.

Project with Ebli found over the Internet
They found our project with the partner organisation Ebli in Tanzania on the Internet. Ebli helps girls and young women to become aware of their rights and thus protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. The two organisers were particularly pleased with the fact that young women are supported.

Donations Helps
Through the NØ MERCY contribution, 52 young people receive intensive support and guidance (e.g. training or health care) and 850 young people are indirectly reached in schools and communities through awareness campaigns.

Many thanks to all involved
We at terre des hommes schweiz are very pleased that these two committed young people have decided to join our Ebli project. Many thanks to all young donors and especially to Elmir Duljaj and Lobsang Tenzin.

Our project with Ebli in Tanzania:
Girls and young women in Tanzania often do not know how to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. As they are financially, socially and legally disadvantaged by society, many do not know their rights. Our partner organisation Ebli supports girls and young women in finding a self-determined access to their own sexuality and to their bodies. Economic perspectives are worked out together so that the girls do not fall into false dependencies.

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