The Organisation

The Organisation

terre des hommes switzerland is a development policy organization that empowers young people in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland. Together, we work for social cohesion, global justice, climate justice and a decent life for all. 

Three young women from Antioquia, Colombia stand smiling arm in arm.
Three young women from Antioquia, Colombia

With our partners on site and in strategic partnerships and alliances we work for a strong civil society.

Our way of working, our processes and partnerships are based on the values we stand for. We consider young people in our program regions as the most important experts for their lives and their future. terre des hommes switzerland is pioneering in approaches and attitudes of cooperation and co-creation with young people. These form the basis for the social, political and economic participation of young people at international, national and local level. 

As an employer, terre des hommes switzerland is a leader in the field of a people- and team-centered organizational and leadership culture. This culture supports the performance, innovation, diversity and psychosocial well-being of its employees. 

Around 40 people work at the headquarters in Basel, of which ten junior staff for the project imagine Basel. Eight national coordinators work in Africa and Latin America. 

terre des hommes switzerland is a member of theInternational Federation Terre des hommes, a federation of Terre des hommes organizations in numerous countries. terre des hommes switzerland in Basel and Terre des Hommes Suisse in Geneva are in a Umbrella organization merged. 

terre des hommes switzerland has the Zewo seal of approval for non-profit organizations and is tax-exempt. 

Three times terre des hommes in Switzerland

In Switzerland there are three independent organisations with the name terre des hommes. Find out here about the origins of the terre des hommes movement and the history of our organisation.

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