The Organisation

The Organisation

terre des hommes switzerland works together with local partner organizations in nine countries in Africa and Latin America. We primarily support young people.

Three young women from Antioquia, Colombia stand smiling arm in arm.
Three young women from Antioquia, Colombia

terre des hommes switzerland is a development aid agency. The organization supports the economic, political and social self-determination of people in developing countries. The target group of the work in nine countries in Africa and Latin America are young people.

In principle we work with local partner organisations together. The focal points of the work are Violence Prevention, sustainable livelihoods and Health.

In Switzerland, terre des hommes schweiz works to Thematic group Racism and discrimination with young people together and sensitizes the population with Campaigns on issues of importance to development policy.

terre des hommes switzerland has the Zewo seal of approval for non-profit organizations.

terre des hommes schweiz is a member of International Federation Terre des hommesterre des hommes switzerland in Basel and terre des hommes suisse in Geneva are united in an umbrella organisation.

The office in Basel is staffed by 24 persons as well as the management. In addition, terre des hommes switzerland offers seven trainee positions for the project imagine and is supported by unpaid staff. Six national coordinators work for terre des hommes Switzerland in Africa and Latin America.

terre des hommes switzerland is a politically and denominationally neutral Association.

To our Mode of operation you will find more information here.

Three times terre des hommes in Switzerland

In Switzerland there are three independent organisations with the name terre des hommes. Find out here about the origins of the terre des hommes movement and the history of our organisation.

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