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With a sponsorship you enable real change and give young people in our nine project countries the chance to lead a self-determined life. As a sponsor support an issue that is close to your heart. Once a year you will receive a sponsorship report that informs you about how your support is working. 

You can cancel the sponsorship or change the amount pledged at any time. Below you will find a list of our theme sponsorships.

Sponsorship girls and young women

Sponsorship for girls and young women

Girls and women are exploited and mistreated in many parts of the world because of their gender. Girls and women in need need protection and the chance to take their lives into their own hands. With this sponsorship you strengthen girls and women and enable them to lead a self-determined life.

Take out a sponsorship for girls and women here

Sponsorship for young people

Sponsorship for young people

Young people in Africa and Latin America are exposed to risks such as violence, early pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. At the same time, they need perspectives in order to use their potential. With this sponsorship you promote peace, give young people a voice and strengthen their right to health. 

Here you can conclude a sponsorship Life instead of flight

Sponsorship education and sustainable livelihoods

Sponsorship for education and sustainable livelihoods

Education is an important prerequisite for a dignified life. Many young people in Africa and Latin America are denied access to education and thus the way out of poverty. With this sponsorship you enable vocational training and promote income generation.rojects by young people. 

Conclude a sponsorship here Ways out of poverty

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Loredana Engler
Fundraising and Communication
061 335 91 50 | loredana.engler(at)terredeshommes.ch
Loredana EnglerFundraising and Communication

061 335 91 50 | loredana.engler(at)terredeshommes.ch

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Responsible handling of donations

terre des hommes schweiz has the Zewo seal of approval for non-profit organisations. This certification body has laid down numerous criteria for the conscientious handling of donations. Further information here.

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