With a sponsorship you support projects regularly.

With this form of commitment, you give us and our project partners in the South the security to be able to plan for the long term. You will receive an annual report on how the project you support is developing.

You can cancel the sponsorship at any time or change the promised amount. Below you will find a list of all possible sponsorships.

Group photo with girls and young women.

Sponsorship for girls and women

Girls and women are exploited and abused in many parts of the world because of their gender. Disadvantaged girls and women need protection and the chance to actively shape their future. With a sponsorship you protect girls from exploitation and violence and help them to lead a self-determined life.
Take out a sponsorship for girls and women here

Two Brazilian youngsters from our project with Centro Sabia.

Sponsorship for young people

Young people in Africa and Latin America have a hard time. Many suffer from violence and crime. Yet young people need prospects in order to use their potential. They are the engine of society and the future of tomorrow. With a sponsorship you give young people a real chance: a future worth living in their home country.
Here you can conclude a sponsorship Life instead of flight

Photo from school lessons in Tanzania.

Sponsorship for education and income

Education and a sufficient income are important prerequisites for a self-determined life and a dignified future. Many young people in Africa and Latin America are denied access to education and thus also the path out of poverty. With a sponsorship you promote school and vocational training and support income projects.
Conclude a sponsorship here Ways out of poverty

Group photo with young people and an older woman.

Sponsorship for terre des hommes switzerland

terre des hommes schweiz works together with local partner organisations in ten countries in Africa and Latin America. We are committed to improving the living conditions of people in need and to enabling them to live a dignified life. With a sponsorship, which is not topic-related, you help where it is most needed.
Conclude a sponsorship circle of friends here

Three black boys from Tanzania sit on a doorstep.

Sponsorship for children

Many children in Africa and Latin America suffer from poverty and exploitation. AIDS orphans drop out of school because they have to look after their younger siblings. Working children slave away at the market because the family income is insufficient. With a sponsorship you give children in need protection and new courage to face life.
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Loredana Engler
Fundraising Private individuals
061 335 91 50 | Loredana.Engler(a)terredeshommes.ch
Loredana EnglerFundraising Private individuals

061 335 91 50 | Loredana.Engler(a)terredeshommes.ch

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Responsible handling of donations

terre des hommes schweiz has the Zewo seal of approval for non-profit organisations. This certification body has laid down numerous criteria for the conscientious handling of donations. Further information here.

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