Sponsorship for education and sustainable livelihoods

Sponsorship for education and sustainable livelihoods

Ways out of poverty

Education and a sufficient income are important prerequisites for a self-determined life and a dignified future. Many young people in Africa and Latin America are denied access to education and thus also the way out of poverty. With a sponsorship, you promote school and vocational training and support sustainable income projects.

Photo from school lessons in Tanzania.

Beatriz: "I can take care of my family now"

Beatriz became an orphan at the age of 14 and was left on her own. "First my father died of AIDS, then my mother." Because of the widespread AIDS pandemic in Mozambique, thousands of children and young people lose their parents every year. The consequences are extreme poverty, dropping out of school and social stigmatisation. At our partner organisation Centro Aberto de Jesús in Chimoio, children and young people like Beatriz receive psychological support and can complete an apprenticeship. Beatriz is now a tailor and earns her own money by making school uniforms.

José Alfredo: "Thanks to honey I can live well today"

Children and young people in El Salvador face a bleak future. Unemployment, poverty and gang crime characterize their lives. For lack of alternatives, 20-year-old José Alfredo almost joined a criminal gang. However, he and his cousins received a loan from our partner organization CORDES to set up a beekeeping business and receive the necessary training. Today, the proceeds from honey sales are enough to live on. What's more, José Alfredo plans to catch up on his schooling and then study agronomy.

Sponsorship for education and income

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Beatriz, seamstress from Mozambique, 17 years

"The time of mourning is behind me. I look confidently to the future."

Beatriz, seamstress from Mozambique, 17 years

Beneficiary projects

In this list you will find the projects that benefit from this sponsorship.

- Young people develop alternatives to migration (El Salvador)

- Commitment to the environment: Young campesinos take action (Colombia)

- Handicraft courses for young people (Mozambique)

- Young women and men build agricultural initiatives (Nicaragua)

- Better income for young people thanks to quality coffee (Peru)

Sponsorship via LSV

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