Mission Statement

Our mission statement

Black children and young people sitting on black plastic chairs and looking forward.
Strengthening young people in townships: children and young people at the Youth Event Mfakantini of our partner organisation Dlalanathi in South Africa.


We have a vision of a just, sustainable and inclusive world. A world that is shaped by the most diverse, creative and talented young people. A world that makes "me" strong. 


terre des hommes switzerland empowers young people in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland. Together, we work for social cohesion, global justice, climate justice and a decent life for all. 

Our values 

The frame of reference for the guiding values of terre des hommes switzerland are the human and children's rights declared by the United Nations and the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda. terre des hommes switzerland's core values are: 


Together with other organizations and networks, we advocate for the rights of youth and young adults. We stand for democratic participation and fight the increasing inequality and polarization in our societies. We hold decision-makers accountable. 


We consider diversity a strength, we respect different perspectives, contexts and experiences of people working at and with terre des hommes switzerland. We work with all people who share our values, regardless of their gender, age, origin, religion, social status or sexual orientation, as well as their physical and cognitive abilities. We leave no one behind. 


Creativity, joy and fun are elementary for personal, social and organizational development. We are open to new ideas and try things out. We promote collaborative learning between generations and cultures. 

Principles that guide our work 

Connection and collaboration 

We build bridges and connect different actors for sustainable change. We promote joint learning, (peer-to-peer) exchange and support the development of social and solidarity networks and structures. We enter into partnerships based on longevity, reliability and trust. 

Transparency and accountability 

We focus on transparency and open communication. Structures, finances, goals and processes are designed to be transparent for all involved. We delegate decisions to where the competencies and responsibilities are. 

Mindfulness and responsibility 

We care for the safety and psychosocial well-being of our employees, the employees of our partner organizations, and the youth in our programs. We create inclusive/safe spaces for psychosocial support and youth participation. We empower strong and responsible teams. 

(From the 2023 operating strategy)

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