Inheritances and legacies


Inheritances and legacies

Doing good beyond the end of life!

Many people want to continue their commitment beyond the end of their lives and across borders. With an inheritance or legacy to terre des hommes schweiz you strengthen young people and give them the chance of a future worth living.

Make a will and settle your estate during your lifetime. In this way you create clarity - for yourself and your relatives.

Our Testament Guide supports you and informs you about the most important legal requirements. We would also be happy to send you the guide by post. Please write to us for this purpose here a message.

Inheritances and legacies are very special and very valuable donations. They allow us to plan and finance our projects on a long-term basis. We use them with great respect.

Take care of your estate today
At YourAdieu you will find information and checklists on wills and provisions, funerals and other services.

Draw up a will now free of charge on deinadieu.ch, calculate compulsory portions and benefit terre des hommes schweiz.

Better too early than too late

Why should we organize our estate in time and what do we have to consider?

Pascal Vögtli from VZ VermögensZentrum in Basel answers our questions (PDF).

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Questions and information

Do you have any questions about estate planning or would you like legal advice?
Send us your contact details here!

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