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Donations in kind? Our project countries? How do we use donations? Quick facts about terre des hommes schweiz
Where does terre des hommes schweiz operate?
terre des hommes schweiz works in 10 countries in Africa and Latin America. Africa: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Western Sahara. Latin America: Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru.

Does terre des hommes schweiz also help young people in Switzerland?
terre des hommes schweiz supports the participatory youth project "imagine" in Switzerland – The festival against racism. We also provide an information service on matters to do with international development and take part in Swiss national campaigns along with other organisations.

How can I support terre des hommes schweiz?
By giving us money. It's simple but true: In order for our project partners in the Global South to continue their work, they need continuous funding. Non-specific donations are best of all, because we can use them where they are most urgently needed. If you would like your donation to go towards a particular project or area of work, you can become a project patron or donate to a theme-based fund. Regular donations help us with our long-term planning.

Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes. As a charitable organisation, terre des hommes schweiz is tax-exempt and donations to our organisation can be set against tax. Each year at the beginning of February we will send you a statement showing all your donations for the previous year, which you can then enclose with your tax return.

What guarantee do I have that terre des hommes schweiz uses donations efficiently?
terre des hommes schweiz holds the ZEWO quality seal for charitable organisations. This entails meeting numerous criteria which ensure that donations are handled properly.
As well as ZEWO, there are a number of other foundations and institutions to which we regularly have to give an account of our work. These include the Swiss Department for Development and Cooperation, SDC, which gives us a regular contribution to our programmes.

terre des hommes schweiz uses various different tools to ensure that money is well spent and achieves results. They include project visits and a reporting system. You can find out more about this in the section on "How we operate".

How is terre des hommes schweiz financed?
Private donations make up about three-quarters of our funding. They are our main source of revenue. About 10% comes from the regular contribution from SDC, and a further 10% from foundations and organisations. The cantons and local municipalities help with about 4% of our funding. The rest comes from special events, churches and Swiss Solidarity.

How high are your administration costs?
Our administrative costs are between 9 and 11%. You can find our annual accounts with an exact breakdown of costs in each annual report. terre des hommes schweiz holds the ZEWO quality seal for charitable organisations, which incorporates guidelines on the permitted scale of administration costs.

Why do I receive mail from terre des hommes schweiz at such regular intervals?
It could well be that the mailings include correspondence from another terre des hommes organisation. There are several organisations in Switzerland which have "terre des hommes" in their hame. We are terre des hommes schweiz. You can recognise our mailings from the logo that you can see top left on the website.

Depending on whether you are a donor, a project patron or have never contacted us, you may receive mail from us anywhere from once to (occasionally) six times a year.

Does terre des hommes schweiz help with adoptions?
No. terre des hommes schweiz does not organise adoptions. We work to ensure that children and young people have a future in their home countries.

Can I donate clothing or make other donations in kind?
No, terre des hommes schweiz does not collect clothing or donations in kind. We give support to local resources in our project countries and we do not have the logistical resources to transport goods at a reasonable cost.