Youth project for diversity and against discrimination

In 2001, terre des hommes schweiz launched an intensive cooperation with young people in Switzerland. This resulted in the project imagine. Today this project is fully established in Basel and the surrounding area. At imagine, numerous young people get involved free of charge in promoting diversity and fighting discrimination.

While the festival is best known to the general public, the activities of young people throughout the year are very diverse: in the workshops they have designed themselves, young people in school classes and youth centres deal with the topic of discrimination in greater depth. The "side events" group organises thematic and musical events throughout the year. Last but not least, the annual festival for diversity and against discrimination attracts thousands of spectators to the city centre and encourages them to reflect and participate. There are also three international partner projects in Colombia, South Africa and Kenya, with which the young people communicate with each other and exchange information about project content and methods.

imagine - the project for diversity and against discrimination is planned, organised and implemented by about 50 young people. Supported by the ten-member organising committee, all young people are involved in various working groups free of charge. Over the year this results in over 5000 hours of voluntary work.

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The high degree of participation is one of the core elements of imagine. Young people can contribute and implement their ideas and visions. They can choose from a variety of working groups and contents in which they can get involved. These range from education, finance and fundraising, media work and advertising to booking and technology. In addition to specialist knowledge in the specific areas, the young people also learn to take responsibility and experience self-efficacy.

The sensitization work of imagine begins internally. Throughout the entire project year, the 50 young team members deal with the topic of discrimination in greater depth and determine the focal points of their work. The young people act as multipliers. This may be through thematic events throughout the year such as the Living Library or panel discussions, the workshops in and outside of school, the thematic placement at the festival or simply in their circle of friends.

In recent years, the imagine Festival has established itself as an important part of Basel's cultural scene. International, national and regional bands alternate with cabaret performances such as poetry slam or acrobatics. Various stands with food from all over the world provide culinary highlights.

In addition, the side events provide for various cultural events during the entire project year. This also gives young bands the opportunity to present their work to the public.

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"imagine is the autonomous platform for youth participation".

"imagine is the creative laboratory for a multi-voiced, diverse and inclusive society," says Luciano Gagliardi, project coordinator for imagine at terre des hommes switzerland. "A society that gives everyone a place and that we meet each other as equals."

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Project description

Program Coordination

Luciano Gagliardi
Project Coordination imagine and International Youth Network, Youth Participation Unit

061 338 91 62 | luciano.gagliardi(at)terredeshommes.ch

An intercultural reading animation for the 6th â 9th grade. Organized by Baobab Books and carried out by the young people from imagine.


A reading animation by young people from the project imagine for young people: They visit your school class or your library and bring a book with them, which opens a door to another world. Currently these are the two graphic novels: "The Dream of Olympia" and "To disturb the nightingale". In cooperation with Baobab Books, the young people have each developed a new book visit, in which they talk to students about migration, prejudice and human rights. These book visits allow a change of perspective and contribute in a new way to intercultural and literary competence.

The book visit takes two lessons. The book remains in the class as a gift at the end.

Registration and further information under:
Baobab Books

Phone 061 333 27 27


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