"Changing the world" - A sustainable income for Herminia

Media release - With streetcar posters and bicycle kistlis in the Basel region, terre des hommes schweiz is calling for support for young smallholders in Africa and Latin America. The autumn campaign of terre des hommes schweiz focuses on the issues of sustainable livelihoods of young people in the global South and climate justice. The physical campaign lasts until October 23, online it runs until Christmas.

Anyone traveling in the Basel region these days on the BVB and BLT "Drämmli" and looking out for the Velokistlis - Working Bicycles - in light green and blue in the neighborhood will encounter Herminia, Miguel and Josilma.

The three young smallholders from Mozambique, El Salvador and Brazil are changing the world in small ways by farming the land on their own doorstep, using environmentally friendly and natural pesticides, and earning money to support their families by skillfully growing and selling vegetables, fruits and spices. Herminia, Miguel and Josilma tell us, "Change the world too!"

A contribution to climate protection

With the small fine Fall campaign With the motto "Changing the world" and a fluttering butterfly as a symbol, terre des hommes switzerland calls on the population to support the tangible art of young farmers like Herminia, Miguel or Josilma. They learn their craft with the support of local partner organizations of terre des hommes switzerland in Africa and Latin America.

With this commitment to the sustainable livelihoods (sustainable livelihoods) and with their commitment to the Climate Justice the Basel-based youth development organization contributes to sustainable agriculture and climate protection in the global South.

The poster and Velokistli campaign in the Basel region runs until October 23. The digital campaign, where you can support young people like Herminia, Miguel and Josilma, for example by buying a bag of flower seeds or "Beenies" socks and T-shirts, will continue until Christmas.

"Without chemistry": short video with Herminia

Herminia Armando Mangae (25) from Mozambique has built up her own small business in the green belt of the capital Maputo with the support and know-how of the local partner organization ABIODES of terre des hommes switzerland.

Herminia says in the Short video on the autumn campaign: "My previous production was always difficult. I had many pests, which I fought with chemicals. The harvests turned out to be nothing. That's why I had difficulties selling. ABIODES taught me to work without chemicals. Because it is harmful to health. Now I use biopesticides that ABIODES showed me. Based on chili and moringa leaves. Since then, things have developed positively. They are good products of high quality. Sales before and now are not comparable, a lot has changed."


Fall Campaign: https://terredeshommesschweiz.ch/weltverändern

Sustainable livelihoods: https://www.terredeshommesschweiz.ch/nachhaltige-lebensgrundlagen/

Climate Justice: https://www.terredeshommesschweiz.ch/was-wir-tun/positionen/klimagerechtigkeit/

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