Our projects in Switzerland

Our projects in Switzerland


imagine festival in Basel

The project for diversity and against discrimination

The project in Switzerland with over 50 committed young people who work for diversity in society. With activities throughout the year and the imagine festival held in the summer, the message for diversity is carried out into the world.


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Prospects for young migrants

Adolescents and young adults with a refugee background
are strengthened in their personality and their concerns
are made available to a wider public. Twice a year, a workshop is held with those affected.

tdh éducation


Awareness-raising programme for children's rights and sustainable development

With the help of tdh éducation, school children become
children's rights and sustainable development. With various workshops offered for schools, solidarity and the possibility to make a difference oneself are to be demonstrated.

Baobab Books

John Kilaka Fast Hare

Agency for the Promotion of Cultural Diversity

Baobab Books is the specialist agency for the promotion of cultural diversity in children's and young people's literature. Our symbol is the impressive Baobab, the baobab tree native to Africa. Baobab Books is dedicated to the dialogue between cultures.

Children's rights

young students in school, they have a workshop, hold a paper in their hand, present something.

Pedagogical teaching material for schools

To mark International Children's Rights Day on November 20 each year, the organizations Pestalozzi Children's Foundation, Integras and the terre des hommes schweiz / Terre des Hommes Suisse alliance present educational teaching materials for teachers throughout Switzerland. The aim is to make children and young people aware of their rights and at the same time to support teachers in their work.

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