Donate on occasions

Donate on occasions

Donate instead of giving: Share your own happiness

A young couple from Mozambique in front of their own house.

Family celebrations, birthdays, weddings, baptisms or anniversaries are happy moments in our lives. During these moments, many feel a great sense of gratitude and a desire to support those who are on the downside of life. If you have it all and want to share a little of your happiness, ask your loved ones for donations instead of gifts. This way you combine your personal event for a good cause. For proper attribution of the donation, it is important that donors note the event and the name of the recipient in the message box.

Donations in the event of bereavement: setting a sign of hope

A child with decorated braids looks thoughtfully into the camera.

In lieu of floral donations, many bereaved families wish to see charitable institutions benefited. In this way, a sign of hope can be set even in times of mourning. In order for us to properly allocate funeral donations, we ask that the bereaved family indicate our donation account 40-260-2 in the obituary. We encourage donors to include the name of the deceased or deceased in the message field. Each donation will be personally thanked. The bereaved family will also receive a list of donors including the total amount of donations received (without individual contributions for data protection reasons) for their own thank-you.  

Set up a death notice in our favor here

Collection campaigns: Standing up together for a good cause

Some girls and boys of the domino meeting of the ev. ref. church Winterthur at their collection stand.

There are countless ways to stand up for a good cause together: Start your own fundraising campaign with your friends, your family or your school class, organise a fundraising run or a flea market, sell cakes or chocolate bars or Post-its with the terre des hommes switzerland logo. By doing so, you will give children and young people in Africa and Latin America a better future. We will be happy to provide you with a free donation box, chocolate bars or Post-its and information material.

Let a few examples inspire you:

Young people in Switzerland collect for young women in Tanzania

Girls and boys collect in Winterthur

Mixed Art in Basel - art for a good cause

Pupils run of the secondary school Leonhard (BS

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Fundraising and Communication
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