Donate on occasions

Donate on occasions

Donate instead of giving: Share your own happiness

A young couple from Mozambique in front of their own house.

Family celebrations, birthdays, weddings, baptisms or anniversaries are happy moments in our lives. During these moments, many feel a great sense of gratitude and a desire to support those who are on the downside of life. If you have it all and want to share a little of your happiness, ask your loved ones for donations instead of gifts. This way you combine your personal event for a good cause. For proper attribution of the donation, it is important that donors note the event and the name of the recipient in the message box.

Collection campaigns: Standing up together for a good cause

Some girls and boys of the domino meeting of the ev. ref. church Winterthur at their collection stand.

There are countless ways to stand up for a good cause together: Start your own fundraising campaign with your friends, your family or your school class, organise a fundraising run or a flea market, sell cakes or chocolate bars or Post-its with the terre des hommes switzerland logo. By doing so, you will give children and young people in Africa and Latin America a better future. We will be happy to provide you with a free donation box, chocolate bars or Post-its and information material.

Let a few examples inspire you:

Young people in Switzerland collect for young women in Tanzania

Girls and boys collect in Winterthur

Mixed Art in Basel - art for a good cause

Pupils run of the secondary school Leonhard (BS

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Fundraising and Communication
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