Development Cooperation

Two young women sitting side by side

Our understanding of meaningful development cooperation

The global challenges are great. In a globalised world, the central causes of poverty and violence are closely linked to our actions here. terre des hommes schweiz stands for sustainable development based on partnership and responsibility.

Young people

Group photo with young people. Partly in blue t-shirts.

Young people as the key to success

Today, 1.8 billion people are between 10 and 24 years of age. terre des hommes schweiz places marginalised young people at the centre of its work, as their promotion is of crucial importance for current and future global challenges.


Young people look with their backs to the camera into the distance at the wooden park on the Klybeck area.

Rights of young migrants

Migration is usually presented as something negative and a threat. However, migration is a reality and a challenge to which we must find answers together. Especially for children and young people, migration also poses great dangers. terre des hommes schweiz is committed to combating racism and protecting young migrants.

Children's rights

Youth work against violence against girls and women

Children and young people need special protection

Poverty, violence and increasing inequality affect the rights of young people. terre des hommes switzerland is committed to the implementation of children's rights worldwide. Our work focuses on the right to health and access to education. terre des hommes schweiz resolutely combats all forms of violence against children and young people.

Corporations & Human Rights

Girl stirs her hand in a broth of liquid mercury and other chemicals to wash out the gold.

Much power and little sense of responsibility

Multinational companies have become central players in the global power structure. Corporate profits in sectors such as raw materials, textiles or agrochemicals exceed the amount of development aid money flowing into the respective countries. At the same time, the activities of the multinationals destroy the achievements of civil society.

Climate Justice

Climate change hits the poorest hardest

Climate change is real and, as usual, its consequences hit the poorest people hardest. Many of the young people with whom and for whom we work are affected. Be it through droughts that affect agriculture or cyclones that destroy livelihoods. This is why terre des hommes switzerland is committed to climate justice.
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