"Young Sahrauis need prospects" 
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Laila Fakhouri on the situation in the Sahrawi refugee camps
"Our young people need a lot of love"
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Yes to the protection of people and the environment
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philanthropist and initiator 

Irene Bush set up the Psycho-Social Support PSS for young people at terre des hommes switzerland. Now Irene Bush is retiring and remains terre des hommes schweiz ...

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"Space for collective reflection"

At the end of October, 50 professionals from five countries in two continents and three time zones met on the SRHR platform of terre des hommes schweiz. The theme was ...

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Samira Marti, National Councillor SP BS
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Rejected asylum seekers: "Emergency aid a dead end"

What are good solutions for people with legally rejected asylum applications in emergency aid? On 11 November, five experts from politics, authorities and other institutions discussed this question.

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Photo ZVg Terre Des Hommes Switzerland By Claude Giger
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Rejected asylum seekers: "unreasonable dependence on state emergency aid

Media release - People whose asylum applications have been rejected often live in precarious conditions. The Swiss emergency aid system is not working, criticises terre des hommes schweiz. The development organisation has ...

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Broad Allianz supports wartime business initiative

Media release by GSOA and the Young Greens - The War Business Initiative, which will be put to the vote on 29 November, has broad social support. In the meantime ...

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Bundestag building Sdgs
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Lukewarm commitment to sustainable development

Media release from Alliance Sud - The Federal Council today sent its sustainable development strategy (SDS) to the consultation process. The Swiss strategy for implementing the UN goals ...

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