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Festival imagine goes Sommercasino

For 20 years, a group of young people in Basel and the region have been demonstrating how youth culture, creativity and social commitment can be combined effectively and ...

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900KB Jeyani Thiyagaraja February 2021 Basel Photo Samuel Rink ZVg Tdh Switzerland

"Refugees need daily structure"

Media release - Swiss asylum and refugee policy is often the subject of heated debate. The people at the centre of the debate hardly get a chance to speak. This is what ...

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Estado Asesino
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Switzerland calls on Colombia for greater social cohesion and peace

Social unrest has been raging in Colombia's major cities since the beginning of May. The government is fighting the protests brutally and with armed force. According to NGOs on the ground, there are already ...

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1MB Military Maneuvers In Rocinha District In Rio Photo Bruno Itan PD Tdh Switzerland

Police violence in Brazil "devastating" - Stop Swiss arms exports

Media release - Weapons from Germany and Switzerland are used in police operations in Brazil. This often leads to serious human rights violations against children and young people. ...

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First refugee parliament in Switzerland

Far too often, refugees are talked about without asking them about their concerns. The first Swiss Refugee Parliament will now take place on 6 June. The ...

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Pedro Douglas, aka Dodô, 26, a member of the youth group of GCASC, an NGO that works in the neighborhood of Peixinhos, Olinda, trying to reduce the numbers of violence that decimates the young population of the neighborhood, one of the most violent in the metropolitan region of Recife-PE . Pedro, who is also a circus artist, tries to occupy children in the neighborhood who suffer from the absence of recreational activities and leisure spaces in the community.In the photo, Pedro poses with the children in his neighborhood.

"The rebellion of young people is understandable".

Media Release - The Corona crisis is exacerbating social tensions worldwide. The prospects of young people have darkened considerably. Switzerland needs a foreign policy that takes into account the development prospects of ...

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