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Lukas Bärfuss reflects on dying and inheritance

In his new book "Vaters Kiste", author Lukas Bärfuss deals with dying and inheritance. He also shared his thoughts on inheritance in a video for the Day of the Will: "The questions we are asked when dealing with inheritance are existential. They concern the first and last things,

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Federal Council cuts funding for development cooperation

Today, the Federal Council made the decision on aid to Ukraine that has been expected for months: CHF 5 billion is to be made available for this purpose over the next twelve years. However, it failed to mention that Switzerland's tried and tested development cooperation would be cut short in the process. From 2025, Ukraine would receive more money than all bilateral SDC programs in

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imagine festival in Basel

Drag queens as a crowning finale

The imagine Festival 2023 will be remembered: With a drag show, a parcour for the lake-disabled, a high quota of women or DJs in wheelchairs, the event stood for diversity and variety on stage. On the weekend of June 9/10, 2023, it was not only the weather that played along: in midsummer temperatures, around 28,000 visitors once again came to the Imagine Festival at the

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Credit Suisse - Illegal Risky Business at the Expense of the Poorest People

Amidst the high waves surrounding the downfall of Credit Suisse, the effects on countries in the global South are often lost in the reporting here. In an article on this topic, Alliance Sud makes an important classification of the consequences of the banking scandals. Already since 2017, terre des hommes schweiz, together with other Swiss non-governmental organizations (NGOs), has been dealing with the

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Occupied Western Sahara: Lucrative trade in conflict minerals 

The phosphate deposits in Morocco and the occupied Western Sahara are among the largest in the world. The raw material plays a considerable role in the forgotten conflict over the last colony in Africa. A recent report sheds light on the mining and trade of phosphate rock, which is needed for the production of fertilizers - a business with Swiss involvement.  

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