imagine festival in Basel

Drag queens as a crowning finale

The imagine-Festival 2023 will be remembered: With a Drag show, a Parcour for the lake-disabled, a high quota of women or DJs in wheelchairs, the event stood for diversity and variety on stage.  

On the weekend of June 9/10, 2023, it was not only the weather that played along: in midsummer temperatures, around 28,000 visitors once again came to the Imagine Festival on Barfüsserplatz and in the Klosterhof in Basel. It was opened on Friday evening with a festive aperitif and speeches from the former imagine employee and Basel councillor Fina Girard (Young Green Alliance Basel, member of the Basel-Stadt Grand Council since February 2023) and by Government Councillor Esther KellerHead of the Department of Construction and Transport (GLP). On behalf of terre des hommes switzerland, Dr. Brigitta Gerber, president of the board, and Franziska Lauper, managing director, addressed the guests. With them the imagine-This year, the theme of the festival was head drawers. In addition, various stands with vegetarian food from all over the world provided culinary highlights. Thousands of mainly young visitors were attracted by the bands and artists who performed on the large stage on Barfüsserplatz and in the Klosterhof with a diverse music and awareness program.  

"We take a stand" 

Among others, the Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona, Cablesalad, Wa22ermann or Weval were on the big stage. Lois Stettler and Kay Wieoimmer presented a spoken word show and Uche Yara also provided a good atmosphere. DJ Headache played in the monastery courtyard, and Theater Niemandsland addressed the theme of "culture + diversity". A special highlight on Saturday evening was the drag show and moderation by and with Milky Diamond, Odette Hella'Grand, Victoria Shakesspears, Jeff van Phil and Dita Whip. Luciano Gagliardi of terre des hommes switzerland says: "While in Germany and Austria the debate about a ban on public drag shows is sparking, brings imagine Drag to the big Barfi stage at prime time. For this stands imagine: We take a stand on current forms of diversity restriction." 

Against discrimination 

Also this year became clear: imagine is much more than a festival. For more than 20 years, the event by young people for young people has been sending a clear signal for diversity and against discrimination with its concerts and workshops. In 2023, almost 100 young volunteers have been involved in getting the festival off the ground. imagine is the self-organized youth project of terre des hommes switzerlandFor more than 20 years, it has been making an important contribution to a more just and peaceful world through various events. 

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