Promoting the rights of young migrants

Worldwide there are millions of children and youth who have fled their homes as refugees or who are living as migrants in other countries. terre des hommes schweiz  proudly supports the international campaign Destination Unknown (DU), which advocates for the rights and protection of young migrants.

Protecting children at major sporting events

The campaign Children Win organised by the Terre des Hommes International Federation is designed to put pressure on international sporting associations, so that they will focus more heavily on the rights of children in relation to major sporting events. As a member of Children Win, terre des hommes schweiz is calling for human rights to be part of the selection criteria for countries applying to host future sporting events.

Supporting the struggle for self-determination

Western Sahara is often referred to as Africa’s last colony. After Spain, the former colonial power, left the territory in 1975, its northern neighbour Morocco invaded Western Sahara. Today 174 000 people, among them many children and youth, are still living in refugee camps in the desert of southwestern Algeria under extremely harsh conditions. terre des hommes schweiz supports the Saharawi people in various ways in their peaceful struggle for self-determination.