A young woman from a refugee camp in Western Sahara

The last colony in Africa

The conflict over the Western Sahara has been forgotten. Meanwhile the third generation of Sahrawi people is growing up. They live in refugee camps in the barren desert or in the part occupied by Morocco, where they are exposed to human rights violations. The international community, political and economic actors, share responsibility for this untenable situation.
Girls hold sign "Guns" crossed out

No weapons in the wrong hands

With our work we protect young people in our project countries from violence and contribute to peaceful development there. But commitment is also needed in Switzerland: Swiss weapons spread death and misery all over the world. This is why we in the Alliance against Arms Exports to Countries at War are committed to a policy that does justice to Switzerland's humanitarian tradition. We call for a stop to arms exports from Switzerland to countries at war and to countries where human rights are systematically disregarded.
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For the rights of young migrants

Worldwide, millions of children and young people are on the run or live as migrants in countries where they were not born. terre des hommes schweiz participates in the international campaign Destination Unknown (DU), which campaigns for the rights and protection of young migrants.
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