Support organic farming
Young people in northeastern Brazil are building a sustainable livelihood with a small business.
No VIOLENCE against women!
On International Women's Day, we raise awareness about the sexual violence that women in Southern Africa and Latin America experience every day. Read more about it here and support us with a sponsorship!
Because our solidarity does not end at the border!
Arms Trade
Strict rules for doing business with death!
Switzerland must take responsibility!
The Bundeshaus in Bern under a cloudless sky. People on the Bundesplatz.

No loopholes for the Federal Council in the arms trade!

Consistency is required in the parliamentary process on the "Corrective Initiative". The Alliance against Arms Exports to Civil War Countries, of which terre des hommes Switzerland is a member, is basically pleased that the indirect counter-proposal to the "Corrective Initiative" intends to amend the War Material Act in its favour. However, the Federal Council wants to be able to continue to evade consistent democratic control by means of a new exemption regulation. Parliament must now close this loophole.

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"Social work is my path" 

Drucila Meireles, pictured here on the right, is a strong woman with an eventful history. As a technical advisor of terre des hommes switzerland in Mozambique, she supports and accompanies the activities of our local partners on sexual violence, empowerment and psycho-social support. Drucila Meireles used to seek help herself in a terre des hommes switzerland youth project in Mozambique. Today she has a particularly good rapport with the young people in the projects. She explains why social work with young people is so important to her.

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No arms exports to Brazil

The Swiss arms business is reaching new record levels. Among the recipient countries are countries like Brazil with a highly problematic human rights situation. Switzerland must do its utmost to stop arms deals with Brazil, demands terre des hommes switzerland. The development organisation supports the corrective initiative, which calls for stronger democratic control over the export of war material to civil war countries.

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