Future for young women in southern Africa

Young women in southern Africa are creating prospects for themselves and securing their future. To do this, they often need a chance and a little support to develop and use their skills.

HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancies, lack of schooling and unemployment characterize the lives of many young women in southern Africa. They lack prospects. Crop failures due to climate change, the Corona pandemic and food price increases as a result of the Ukraine war further affect people in southern Africa. With our workshops on health and contraception and psychosocial support, young people are able to stand on their own two feet and develop prospects worth living for.

In our training courses, the young women learn how to set up and run their own small business, how to use a computer and how to apply ecological cultivation methods in their garden. And importantly, they know how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. The young women pass on their new knowledge to friends, family and students. In this way, they help to reduce early pregnancies and HIV infections. At the same time, they encourage others to build their own lives and initiate change.

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CHF 50

This will finance, for example, a starter kit with seeds and tools for a vegetable garden.

CHF 100

This will enable, for example, counseling and guidance for a teenage mother after giving birth.

CHF 200

For example, that's how much a two-part course on sexual health plus educational coaching costs.

CHF 240

Yes, I take over a Sponsorship for girls and young women.

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